• June 22, 2024
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Android lock screen widgets - notes
A prominent note-taking widget right on my Android phone’s lock screen — huzzah!

JR Raphael, IDG

There, right front and center, is a widget showing my most recent notes within Google Keep. I can see and scroll through my notes, and with a single tap (and proper authentication), I can jump directly into any individual note or into creating a new note right then and there, without any extra steps or seconds wasted.

And to be clear, Google Keep is just the widget I picked for this example. You could just as easily use a widget for OneNote, Notion, or any of the other excellent Android note-taking apps that make widgets available. Or you could even go in a completely different direction and use an Android widget that has nothing to do with note-taking — one connected to your calendar, your tasks, or anything else your saucy ol’ noggin comes up with.

Just remember that, inevitably, anything you put in this area will be visible to anyone who has their paws on your physical device. You’ll still have to authenticate to actually get into the associated app, view any more than the initially visible preview, or edit and create anything within it — but, particularly when it comes to sensitive company information, you’ll want to think carefully about what you make present in that preauthentication area.

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