Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To The Questions We Get Asked The Most

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To The Questions We Get Asked The Most

Tech support services help users with their computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices by providing:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Users can receive tech support services in person, by phone, or online. You can get in touch with us on (+44)158 2320436  for tech support services.

The technical support process includes customer assistance for handling technical issues. It includes:

  • Gathering customer information
  • Determining the customer’s issue
  • Going over possible solutions to the customer’s problem
  • Resolving the problems and ensuring customer satisfaction

Technical support is necessary for every company. This is because not everyone is equipped with the analytical skills to think through what might seem like a simple problem. Fortunately, there is a solution that provides a cost-effective, professional alternative. Outsourcing your technical support to a centre that specialises in IT support gives you access to the skills and services you require. Providing generous tech support makes it possible for you to get your queries answered quickly and efficiently.

The qualities required for excelling tech support go way beyond the ability to perform particular technical tasks. Let’s have a look at some of the required skills for tech support:

  • Self-discipline

It is important for a support technician to set and adhere to a schedule, reliably meet deadlines, deliver resolutions to the end-users on or before the promised date/time, and stick to a task until it is complete. Self-disciplined support technicians are more reliable, dependable, and punctual.

  • The ability to effectively prioritize tasks

A support technician should have detailed knowledge of each employee’s role in the organization, a thorough understanding of the nature of the business, and a firm grasp of the business priorities.

  • Dedication and commitment to problem resolution

When the user is satisfied that the problem has been resolved and the solution is permanent, you realize that tech support experts are committed to seeing the problem through to resolution.

  • A detail-oriented working style

Paying attention to the details is essential for the successful completion of particular tasks. Although resolving a problem to the satisfaction of the user is necessary, it is not a sufficient condition for a task to be considered complete.

  • The ability and willingness to communicate

As an intermediary between the IT and the end-user, effective communication is critical. The support technicians must listen to users, acknowledge the reality of their problems, translate their descriptions into technical terms, fix the problems, and explain the solutions in layman’s terms.

When tech support professionals access your PC remotely, you might be wondering if it is safe and secure. Remote access is necessary for IT technicians to provide timely tech support, conduct routine updates, and reduce the cost of location visits. That said, there are precautions you should take to ensure the security of your business and to safeguard the sensitive information of your clients.
Unfortunately, there are many remote access scams. They usually follow a similar formula; the scammer calls a user and claims to be from a large organisation like Microsoft. Then they say that they are receiving error messages from your computer, or they have detected a virus, or your broadband connection is insecure. They use these excuses to convince you to let them access your computer.
Once you let them, they are free to run a virus or install malware on your computer. The main warning sign here is simple: no one will call you and ask for this level of access to your computer without a prior relationship.

Let’s see what you should consider when choosing a tech support company.

  • Pricing: Different tech support service providers have different pricing models based on what they offer. Choose a tech support provider with a pricing model that makes sense for your budget.
  • Experience: It is best to work with a tech support service provider that has a solid track record and an established history.
  • Devices: Make a list of all devices for which you need support and potential devices you might need help with in the future. Make sure that the tech support provider can offer help for every device on your list.
  • Support quality: The best tech support services help customers resolve issues as quickly as possible.

We provide a wide range of remote IT support services, including but not limited to network setup, data recovery, computer maintenance, and virus removal. We also offer on-site callouts.

Our senior technicians have over 11 years of IT Support experience.

Yes, we provide emergency IT support for urgent IT issues.

We cover the entire world for remote IT support. For call outs we work in and around Bedfordshire, London, Essex and St Albans.

Yes, we offer competitively priced IT support services.

You can contact us via the make an appointment button on the site or using the contact us page. We are also available via phone and email.

Yes, we offer discounts for certain services and customers.

We aim to respond to all support requests within 24 hours.

Yes, we offer a range of managed services, such as server monitoring and maintenance.

We accept payments on our website via credit and debit card, PayPal, and also accept banktransfer.