• June 22, 2024
  • roman
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“Users are complacent about figuring out all the murky black box privacy processes that occur behind the scenes, largely because they are not able to understand them anyways,” Litan said. “Of course, there is no one at Meta that you can talk to if you have questions, and we have no tutorial or video to explain what it means to not opt out, nor how to opt out,” she added.

Meta should pay their users for their data, Litan said, because they are using it to increase their own profitability.

Meta is not alone in taking advantage of data posted publicly by businesses and users to build out its technology. With the exception of Apple, none of the hyperscalers or tech giants hosting AI used by consumers and businesses allow users to verify their claims around security and privacy, Litan said. “It’s all based on a ‘trust but no verify’ model.”

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