• June 20, 2024
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Cupertino’s retail wave

UK retailer John Lewis and Partners is another recognized store brand that uses Apple products within its operations. All its staffers have iPhones equipped with the John Lewis app, which helps in terms of inventory management, customer guidance, and customer communication. Back in the US,  independent grocers DeCicco & Sons, Cardiff Seaside Market, Village Market, Fruit Center Marketplace and Caraluzzi’s Markets use FoodStorm’s iOS compatible system to manage their own produce.

Elsewhere in the retail sector, Rituals, Hästens, Laura, and many other stores now use Apple devices at point of sale, as inventory management tools, for pick and collect services, deliveries, warehousing, and more.

Apple, the mobile company

There’s a simple reason Apple’s hardware has picked up more presence in retail; it’s the combination of a powerful and highly secure development ecosystem along with mobile devices available in a myriad of formats. The Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch — even visionOS systems — might be suitable to handle some back-end functions across multiple enterprises. 

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