• June 9, 2024
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Chrome Android setting #6: Limitless screenshots

Last but not least in our list of secret Chrome Android treasures is a subtle but significant improvement that’s made a definite difference in my day-to-day web doings.

It’s a 10-second tweak that lifts a long-standing limitation around when you can capture screenshots on the web — specifically allowing you to snag a screenshot whilst viewing a site in Chrome’s incognito mode, if you’re ever so inspired.

I tend to use incognito mode anytime I want to see a page without being signed into the associated site, whether that’s Google or a company-connected web page. And I’ve found myself frustrated more than a few times when I try to capture a screenshot in that scenario and end up with a blank, useless image as the result.

So here’s the fix:

  • One last time, type chrome:flags into your browser’s address bar.
  • Type incognito into the search box at the top of the next screen.
  • Find “Incognito Screenshot” and change its setting from “Default” to “Enabled.”
  • And hammer down your ham-scented hand onto that Relaunch button at the bottom.

Told ya it was easy, right? Now you can capture away all around the web, incognito or not — and you can smugly enjoy the knowledge that you’re a step ahead and enjoying under-development features before anyone else even knows about ’em.

And yes, that includes Josh from accounting — that fresh-faced but stale-browsered showoff.

Hey, small victories, right? We’ll take what we can.

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