• June 6, 2024
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For usage insights, it’s possible to get information about customer data, audiences and customer journeys without running SQL queries. A user could ask the AI assistant, for example, which attributes in a customer profile are leading to a conversion, said Bhambri, the sort of task that might require contacting different colleagues and consulting multiple documents. 

Unlike other aspects of the launch, the ability to ask for operational insights is still in public beta, Adobe said. 

The AI assistant can also be used to create content. In addition to creating audience segments based on a customer’s own data, it’s possible to produce assets that can be included in an email marketing campaign, for instance. In this case, Adobe’s Firefly image model could be used to generate images and design layout within the relevant AEP app. The ability to quickly create content variations allows for greater experimentation, Bhambri said, and can help personalize communications to different audiences. 

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